Interview Questions

In a recent poll we undertook, 84% of employers voted that employees appeared unprepared for their interview.

Are you fully prepared for your interview?

We believe that 7 factors influence your chances of success.

1. Punctuality. Don’t be late.
2. Personal Appearance. Don’t turn up hot and sweaty!
3. Your previous work experience. Chances are that your CV is probably good enough to have got you the interview anyway.
4. Your body language under pressure. Keep strong eye contact and keep a relaxed posture.
5. How you answer questions. Take 3 seconds before you answer any question.
6. Your research into the position and the company.
7. The questions you ask.

Regarding the latter point we’ve listed some killer questions below that will impress your interviewer rather than having a glass eyed glazed look when at the end of the interview you’re asked if you have any questions.

Above all else, the interview should never appear one sided. Take the view that you’re there to interview your potential new employer too!

1. What’s a typical day like in this role?
2. What are the pro’s and cons of this role?
3. Tell me about the good and challenging aspects of the company?
4. What are my fellow workers like?
5. How does the company reward it’s top employers?
6. How would you describe the managements style?
7. What career opportunities does your company provide?
8. Describe how collaboration takes place in the company?
9. Is the position newly created?If not, what spurred the last employee to leave?
10. If I were to receive an offer how soon would you need me to start?
11. Based on our discussion do you feel that I’, a good fit for the company?
12. What drives the organisation?
13. What are the core values of the company?
14. What is the company’s mission statement?
15. Do you feel that this role is one that is one of delegation or management?
16. Do you seek suggestions from creative staff?
17. What is your staff retention rate? Why is it good? Or why is their so much change?
18. Do you empower your employees? If so How?
19. Do you have a pro-active training and development plan?
20. Do you have an annual review process in place? And does this affect the various levels of performance in staff.



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