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At the Hospitality Careers Network training is in our DNA along with our desire to help you get the very best out of your staff and management teams.

We know how difficult and expensive it is to get your team in one place, and we also know the impact on your business when staff are absent through training activities.

So, to help you help your staff be at there best we’ve launched a cost effective training/induction portal that will allow you to engage with your staff in their development.

Take a look…

How does it work?

It’s simple. You send us a list of questions that relate to your operational standards and we populate a secure portal that you direct your staff to access when it’s convenient for them and it’s convenient for you.

When the standards form has been completed it is sent directly to us and we collate the information along with an analysis of strengths and weakness that might be useful to you.


1. Understand how your team are thinking about their roles.

2. Develop specific training needs around feedback from your staff.

3. Investing in your staff is a great way to keep them.

4. Incentivise high performance results through your online staff training.

5. Understand areas of your business that staff may be struggling with.

6. Portal is open 365 24/7

7. Your annual fee includes 4 quarterly updates.

8. Receive discounts on our range of training courses.

9. Attract new staff because you invest in their development.

10. Enhance your ability to adopt and use advances in technology because of a sufficiently knowledgeable staff.

11. Workers are helped to focus, and priority is placed on empowering employees.

12. Productivity is increased, positively affecting the bottom line.

13. Employee confidence is built, keeping and developing key performers, enabling team development and contributing to better team/organisation morale.

14. Employees are kept current on new job-related information, thereby contributing significantly to better customer service.

15. Employees are updated on new and enhanced skills, with a view to aligning them to business goals and objectives.

16. After a downsizing, remaining workers are given the technical and management skills to handle increased workloads.

17. Companies with business problems are given a fresh or unbiased professional opinion or exploration, evaluation, or critique.

18. Job satisfaction, employee motivation and morale are increased, reducing employee turnover.

19. Processes increase in efficiency, resulting in financial gain.

20. Know that your working with a company who boast considerable experience rationalising quality standards and delivering training.


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