Is it time for employers to take full control of their recruitment costs? Yes? Read on…

In an industry notorious for it’s shortage of staff, transient work force, endless anonymous job boards and some opportunistic agents,  it’s about time the UK Hospitality Industry delivered a sense of security, consistency, responsibility and balance. With this in mind we’ve created a common sense initiative that puts the power of influence firmly into the hands of committed employers and hospitality professionals seeking meaningful career options.

Whilst the Hospitality Careers Network goes some way to resolve staff shortages at every level, The New Way goes one step further to provide a level of security and quality rarely provided by any agent or honoured by new staff.

‘If you’re happy to pay agents thousands, you’ll definitely be happier paying nothing to attract and encourage your new staff!’

How it Works for Employers 

When you hire a new member of staff,  they enter into a formalised induction period. If you don’t offer a formal induction programme, we can assist with this through a variety of free online induction programmes.

Upon completing the induction period successfully, your talented member of staff is paid a ‘signing on fee’ of 5% of salary. This is what partially attracts them to you. This is less than what you would have paid an agent.

You have a member of staff full in the knowledge they have an enhanced package to protect.

The signing on fee is a contractual aspect of the employment contract. If the new member of staff leaves during the first 9year of employment, or is dismissed the 5% fee is refundable either in direct payment or deducted from final monies paid.

Enrich your ads to attract ideal candidates. Add as much artwork as you like, or even embed YouTube videos. We can assist with this.

Take control. See every CV, not just those assessed by agents. You know your own business better than anyone.

Your ads are networked across social media weekly. Checkout @cannonballchefs @visionaryskills @hospcareers

Sign in today and begin uploading your unlimited ads 🙂

‘If you don’t know how to interview staff and recognise talent, then yes, go and pay someone else to do it.’

How it Works for Employees.

Take control of your destiny. For the first time you stand a better chance of getting to meet prospective employers direct. 85% of business decisions are based on character assessment. People buy into people.

You earn more. Whilst you receive your annual salary you also receive 5% of your salary in the form of a bonus payment after completing your induction period.

You can plan. Having passed your induction you can enjoy secure employment for at least 1 year

Why it Works for the Industry

The New Way provides a critical vehicle for the UK Hospitality Industry to reinvest in itself whilst providing an enhanced customer experience of increased value. Not to mention the considerable costs saved by operators nationwide. Is this a concept to embrace?

Every sensible business needs the stability of a focused team and every member of staff needs a fair incentive to aim for. For the employer the ideal scenario vitally includes a cost effective stable team to drive business growth. Is this what we’re all in business to achieve?

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One Response to “THE NEW WAY”

  1. rick henderson 5:04 amSeptember 5, 2013

    I agree, It also makes a lot of sense to educate chefs on negotiating their own contracts and not to be frightened to ask for more than the advertised salary, If you have the skills and experience don’t be shy in asking for what you are worth…go for it!

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