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Tips for Employers Placing Ads

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It’s a competitive Market for Staff.

With a skills shortage in the hospitality industry it’s important that you make your ad count. These tips have been created so employers can rationalise their offering to employees and to make sure that when it comes to getting staff, you get in first.

For All Staff

Include benefits of working with HP, such as holidays, tronc, Live in/out, training opportunities, uniform provision, hours per week, staff discount at other properties, formal career, development, annual appraisals, pension etc. Basically, why should an employee come and work for you over say a competitor? What do you provide that few others else can offer?

 For Chefs

Include dish photography and pictures of the restaurant. Embed a video if you have one.

Include a link to the menu.

Consider a ‘Chefs Transfer‘ signing on fee that potentially ties them to you for a year.

We will Tweet and message your ad extensively. Be sure to retweet to push the message onwards.

Highlight awards and maybe positive press reviews etc.

Ask chefs to send in their current menu along with their current CV – raise the bar of engagement.

Where there is high turnover in a kitchen with multiple positions posted this indicates a high level of insecure churn to potential candidates. We would suggest in addition to individual ads that we can space out for you, you also have a central ad which focuses ‘Opportunities at Your Hotels’, in which you generically point opportunities separately. We can provide this at no extra cost.

Indicate your Training and Development program, if you have one.

Put us on your Career page is you have one. Do you have an effective Career page?


One Response to “Tips for Employers Placing Ads”

  1. Laura Galvin 1:19 pmFebruary 4, 2014

    Hi We are trying to place an advert for Bodmin Enterprises re: a chef but are having trouble paying on your site! Please can somebody call 01208 264561 and speak to Teresa in order that we can get the ad placed
    Laura (company secretary)

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